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Setting up the integration
Using invoice layouts in Visma e-conomic
Using invoice layouts in Visma e-conomic

Set up the integration to use the correct invoice layout

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Invoice layouts are created and edited in Visma e-conomic. Learn more here

For the integration you can define which invoice layout that should be used for the invoices that are automatically created in Visma e-conomic.

There are two ways to do this:

1) Select a invoice layout that is used by default on all invoices that are created. Here you can select the layouts, that are available in your Visma e-conomic-account.

Go to -> Visma e-conomic -> Settings -> Invoice settings -> Default invoice layout

2) Through the payment setup, you can define which specific invoice layout, that is to be used for each payments method, that is received from the webshop.

Click the button "Payment setup" to open these settings.

Invoice layouts that are set in the payment setup, overrule the default invoice layout, if the payment method is found on the order.

External references:
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