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Guide to payment setup for e-conomic
Guide to payment setup for e-conomic

Use the "Payment setup" tool to define which payment term should be used in relation to the payment method in the webshop

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By using the tool "Payment setup" you can use the payment method on the webshop order to define, which payment term and which invoice layout should be used, on the invoice that is created.

This is often used to mark an invoice as paid in the accounting system, when the webshop order has been paid up front, and a payment method is listed on the order.

To be able to create a payment setup, you need to identify what the payment method (type) is named in the data that is received from the webshop.

Find payment method from the webshop

This method works for all webshops, that are connected to IEX.

To be able to read, which payment method that is included on the webshop order, an order must have been received in the IEX platform.

  1. Find an example (order number) in your webshop on which the specific payment method, that you wish to set up a payment term for, is used.

  2. Log into and go the tab Log.

  3. Search for the order number in the search field. If the order is not shown, you can update the order in the webshop to transfer it.

  4. Click on the log entry (or use the +) to fold out a detailed view. Find the state called Dispatching order and click SHOW DATA.

  5. In the data scroll down or search for the the line called "paymentlines", under which you'll find "type". The value in "type": is the title on the payment method, that you should copy (without quotation marks).

Setup a payment term

When you know the title for you payment method(s), you are ready to create a payment setup.

  1. Go to -> e-conomic -> Settings -> Invoice settings -> Payment setup

  2. Insert the payment method without quotation marks in the field Payment type (from shop).

  3. Select which invoice layout and which payment term, that is to be used on the invoice in e-conomic, when the payment method applies on an order from the webshop.
    Contra account should not be filled out, but is automatically filled according to the setup of the payment term in e-conomic.

  4. Click (+) to add the payment setup (possibly add more) and close. Remember to save in the main window by clicking Save in the upper right corner.

Your payment setup is now active.

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