Configuration of integration

The IEX team helps you complete the creation of your integration. This way you are assured of an accurate and reliable configuration, which is essential for a proper setup.

The IEX team will among other things, help you with the following at a creation:

  • Installation and connecting including the installation of IEX plugin and establishing token
  • Synchronize data including transfer of goods
  • Configuration settings tailored to your needs
  • Access to IEX Dashboard with log system with more
  • Support around your integration and flow
  • Support for custom configuration by appointment

Altogether IEX integration handles all your integration needs.

We can help you assess your specific configuration for integration. Contact us here.

Order with our assistance

When your order with our assistance, you configure the integration by yourself following our step by step guide, but we are available with help, if the need arises.

We can:

  • Check if the your web shop and accounting system are connected
  • Look at your configuration, and tell you if you should change something
  • Answer questions about your integration

If you would like us to handle the whole configuration for you, you should order with our configuration instead.

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