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Stock management, inventory control requirements and rules reviso

There may be confusion about how the stock and add-on module Stock Management in reviso works. This is because the reviso stock is not as flexible as you might think. We therefore need to act in conformity with the flow of reviso stock module. Here's a description of the different requirements and rules concerning stock in reviso:

If you use the add-on module Stock Management in reviso you can get two-way storage synchronization via IEX
In the stock module in reviso IEX will activate two-way stock synchronization, so that the stock balance for each product is sent back to the shop.

If you use the stock module in reviso, the basic rule will be that reviso is the stock-central.

Commit to stock in reviso via an Inventory Adjustment (import / export)
Note here: IEX can not refuel at the warehouse in reviso for you. This is because it is not supported by the reviso API, and it happens via an inventory adjustment in reviso instead.

Adjustment of the inventory happens through an inventory adjustment in reviso (import / export) - read more here
The stock in reviso consists of a cost price, number etc. to be imported within the inventory adjustment.

It is also possible to send the stock back on all products by creating an import / export item no. + product name. This means you export a file from your reviso with item no. + products name and import it again. This will send stock on all products from imports.

NOTE: Inventory adjustment should be made only when IEX have submitted your inventory synchronization, otherwise the stock balance will not be transferred.

Stock movements
A stock movement will occur when an order is created in reviso. This can be done either by a shop-order through IEX integration or an order you create in reviso.

Note: If the order is upgraded to 'Current invoice' through the integration, the item will be put back in the inventory. This IEX unfortunately can not change because the flow is dictated by reviso. If you upgrade the order to in-progress- invoice via reviso it will keep the stock. In this case automatic book keeping can be of help. As an order is book kept a stock movement will occur.

reviso supports the sending of location from the shop into the accounting system. But reviso does not support two-way locations from reviso to shop.

There may be a latency on stock at reviso
It is important to note that there may be a delay on reviso stock. We find that stock movements sent in real time, can have delays with reviso. It is a well-known problems with reviso, and can occur in peak periods.

Note: 17. February 2015, reviso announced to IEX that there is a new stock webhook service on the way. IEX is a BETA-tester. reviso expects to roll out the new service at the end of February. Whether the service is stable is not yet known, and we therefore can not guarantee this to new clients with stock.

If you have further questions about stock - please contact us on 3222 4344

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