Give IEX access to your reviso

Give IEX access to your reviso through token

As something new, the reviso introduced a 'Grant Access Token' system. Through this token is given access to accounts API, where in the past would have handed Agreement No, User ID and Password.

IEX supports the new token system, and to get started with IEX integration you need to provide access via reviso.

Give IEX access to your reviso agreement

You will see this page:

Here you will need to enter your reviso Agreement nr., User ID + Password

Once this is done you will come to a page with your Access Token:

You must copy this token that looks like this string: c3FN7OUHXJXIJKLx0bomudB0e7SbgkGPk4YxUT + Uzt0 =

Send token to with an indication of the customer you are.

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