Configuration issues

Typical questions regarding the configuration of your Reviso integration

There are some typical questions, you must consider when we set up your integration. If nothing else is specified, we will create a standard configuration for you to verify upon confirmation.

Payment method/conditions

Payment methods used in the shop must be mapped up against payment conditions available in Reviso, for everything to display correctly on the order.

  • How do you want your payment conditions mapped?
  • What payment conditions should Reviso use by default? Normally we choose ’Immediate payment’ unless you tell us otherwise. 

In a normal Reviso agreement these payment conditions are available:

  • Running month 30 days, Net 14 days, Net 8 days, Immediate payment

It’s also possible to define your own conditions in Reviso. In this case you must first set up these and inform us about the mapping.

Delivery method, payment fee, discount

These must be created in Reviso as a product with SKU/product nr.




IEX will normally create these products for you in Reviso without VAT, if they are not already created.

If you have any changes with regards to this, we need to know this in advance.

Order state in shop

By default, we set up your integration to transfer the order when its status is ’finished’. If you want the order to be transferred at a different order state or multiple order states, please tell us in advance.

Order, ongoing invoicing or automatic bookkeeping in Reviso

As standard we transfer the order to ’Sale > Order’ in Reviso. If you want the order to upgrade to ’ongoing invoice’ please inform us. Contact us if you want automatic bookkeeping.

Two-way stock balance from Reviso to shop

Do you have the stock module in Reviso and want stock integration? Then we can set up two-way integration, so that changes in your stock balance is sent to your web shop.

NOTE: After activating two-way stock you need to carry out a stock regulation in Reviso, in order for the stock changes to take effect on every product.

Remember to attach the following on products in the shop:

To avoid issues there must be an SKU on every product - otherwise they will not be able to be transferred to Reviso. The SKU must be between 1 and 25 characters and contain no special characters. This is demanded by Reviso. Also see rules and guidelines for integration.

Backwards data transferral

Do you want IEX to help with transferring orders backwards? If yes, please advise us from which date you want orders transferred.

Please note that your subscription will begin from the specified date. When performing backward transfers some orders may not be transferred due to missing or deleted products. You will receive a log file about this.

Other additions to your configuration

When we have configured your integration we will confirm the integration and start your subscription. After this we will await activation of the live integration upon your approval.

Do you have a specific setup plan of accounts?

At a specific/different setup plan of account other than standard, we cannot guarantee to meet the startup fee and extra time should be arranged.

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