Requirements for custom configuration

General considerations about a custom configuration (Reviso)

As part of the establishment of a custom solution, we offer to transfer all orders to Reviso back from the beginning of January or any date in the current fiscal year (optional).

There are certain things to take into account during the creation process:

Shop configuration

  • IEX will need access to the web shop (i.e. URL, username, password) in order to install the integration
  • It is important that all items in the shop also exist in the financial statements. IEX aids in the creation of products + sync.
  • Product no./SKU must not exceed 25 characters (limitations set by Reviso).
  • The product must have an item no. (SKU).
  • Remember that deleted products in the shop still appear from the old order. IEX can not retroactively attribute a product to a deleted order.
  • Remember that variants must have a unique product no., since the Reviso API does not support variants.

Reviso configuration

  • IEX must have Administrator access to Reviso (Agreement no., User ID, password)
  • A nomenclature will be established.
  • They should use an Invoice layout by Reviso.
  • To define a default Payment Terms to transmit orders to Reviso, e.g. 'Paid in cash' as credit card payments. You must select an offset account, for example. standard 1010.
    - IEX may want help to put more payments up if desired (EAN invoice, Net 30, etc.).
  • Discount, shipping, payment fee and credit card fee to be created that previously were established in Reviso.
  • You need to decide whether the order in Reviso be established by the contracting or ongoing invoice. It is also possible to get automatic entry, but must be agreed upon first.

All this is offered in the creation, configuration and connection between systems.

If you want to utilize our integration, please place an order here.

Once the order is received, we will demand access to your shop and Reviso.

Looking forward to helping you pursue your automatic IEX integration.

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