Shopify to Debitoor guide

Step by step guide to get started on the Shopify to debitoor integration.

This guide willl help you setup your Shopify to debitoor integration by yourself. If you want IEX to handle the installation for you contact us here.

Login to your Shopify shop.
Download the IEX App from the Shopify App store here:


Click Install IEX integration for debitoor:


After installing the IEX app you will receive a mail with login for the IEX dashboard, where you configure the integration:



Login to your IEX Dashboard
Click Debitoor in the menu on the left and click Get token:


Allow the integration to connect to debitoor by clicking Allow:


Click debitoor in the menu on the left side of the IEX dashboard and choose Invoice settings, Home Country and Payment terms. And finish by clicking Save changes:


Click Shopify in the menu on the left where you can decide which order states you want transferred to debitoor. Orders are by default send to debitoor on the state Paid:


Activate your integration by clicking Settings (this should only be done after you have setup the integration as described in this tutorial). Set the integration to Active. After setting the integration to active click Shopify and synchronize all your products from Shopify to debitoor to start transferring orders:


You integration is now ready to send data from your shop to debitoor.


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