Shopify to e-conomic guide

To quickly get started with your Shopify e-conomic IEX integration

This is a guide that helps you even set up your Shopify e-conomic IEX integration. Would you rather that IEX to carry out the installation for you, you can contact us here .

Log into your Shopify shop.
Download IEX app from Shopify App store here :


Click Install IEX integration of e-conomic:


After installing IEX app, you'll receive an email with login to your IEX dashboard , where you need to configure your integration:


Now connect integration with your e-conomic accounting

Connect with e-conomic under the menu E-conomic in IEX the dashboard:


Here you must use your e-conomic information:

- Agreement Number

- User-ID

- Password

- Finish by clicking Grant Access


Now you need to configure e-conomic in IEX the dashboard under the menu E-conomic:


Under the menu Shopify, you can control when an order is sent from the shop to the accounts:


Once you have configured your integration into IEX the dashboard and in your e-conomic, go into the IEX the dashboard under Settings and change the status from Paused to Active:


Your integration is now ready to send data from your shop to your e-conomic, and orders are automatically created to invoice drafts of e-conomic.


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