Selecting the order stage

Automatic booking

Automatic book-keeping (at your own risk)

- Automatic book-keeping is only offered to Standard, Premium, Enterprise adn IEX Dedicated customers -

IEX can set up your integration to automatically book-keep orders in e-conomic, but there are certain scenarios to consider first:

  • You must decide whether the invoice should come from the shop or e-conomic?
    - If you want the invoice sent from the shop, there is not much to consider.

  • If you want the invoice sent by e-conomic, please note the following:
    - Because of safety-measurements e-conomic is limited in its ability to send invoices through its API, and invoices will be sent from IEX post-system
    - The invoice is downloaded from E-conomic as a PDF by IEX, and sent through IEX own post-system.
    - You can create a standard invoice-mail text.
    - IEX need one additional hour of consulting in order to setup the invoice mail.

  • IEX activates the first automatic posting after +14 days when running with automatic creation of contract invoices in e-conomic. During these 14 days the shop owner must make ​​a posting and then verify that IEX can activate automatic posting. This is in order to anticipate possible errors during the 14-day period.

  • IEX can via hourly settlement help with specific rules. For example. that certain payment methods will not be posted automatically and similar.

Log System

IEX has built a logging system handling most common bugs. If a transfer does not meet the requirements for integration, IEX will send an error message to the shop owner, who will in most cases be able solve the problem himself. If not, help is available with support from IEX employees.

It's important to mention that errors can occur when running with automatic posting. Because of this the customer is responsible for activating automatic posting and must be prepared to handle some error correction manually in e-conomic. In case you get stuck, the e-conomics support-team can help you.

IEX also provides support with technical explanations regarding certain errors and investigation in to the cause of these. IEX has a log system available to identify error-messages.
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