WooCommerce to Visma eAccounting

Get started with your WooCommerce to Visma eAccounting / eEkonomi IEX integration

Get the IEX plugin by searching for 'IEX Integration' in Plugins > Add New. 



When installed, click Activate.


Login to with the credentials supplied to you in a mail.

Under Company Profile, select and copy the IEX API-key:


In your Woocommerce shop under IEX Integration insert the IEX API-key, click Save Changes and then Sanity check and correct any errors. Now your integration is connected to your shop: 



Go to the IEX dashboard and 'Visma eAccounting'. Select the country of your Visma eAccounting.

And connect to Visma eAccounting.


Allow access.

Setup the integration under Visma eAccounting in the IEX dashboard.

To transfer shipping, discounts and fees from your shop to Visma eAccounting, you should create these as products in Visma eAccounting with product numbers for example Shipping, Fee and Discount and insert these under Shipping SKU, Discount SKU and Payment fee SKU.

In the IEX dashboard under WooCommerce set up WooCommerce. Add your shop url save and get and select product states and order states for transfer to Visma eAccounting. 



Activate your IEX integration under Settings.

Go back to WooCommerce in the IEX dashboard and synchronize products. This can take some time depending on how many products you have in your web shop.

Your integration will now transfer products, orders and customers from WooCommerce to Visma eAccounting. 





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