Log status: Skipped - Order not in allowed states

What does it mean, and how is it solved?

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A common log status is, that the order is "Skipped" with the description "Order not in allowed states".

Why does it happen?

"Skipped" is not an error message.

"Skipped" means, that a setting defines, that the integration isn't supposed to transfer the order.

"Order not in allowed states" means that the order from the webshop or the subscription system isn't in a state, which is set up (allowed) to be transferred.

How to get the order through:

To allow the order to be transferred on the specific order state, you should go the IEX settings for the webshop or subscription system.

Here you'll find a field called "Order states", in which you can add, which states the order can be transferred on.

Add the state and press Save.

Afterwards you can update the order in the webshop to process it again.

If you have already defined a later order state, that orders can be transferred on, you should consider whether the order should be updated to that state, instead of allowing more order states.

If you are using a subscription system, you should contact IEX to have the order processed again.

System specific exceptions:

Shopify: The module is per default set to transfer orders on the states "Paid" and "Partially paid". If you have actived the setting "Enable filters" you should manually add all the "Financial" and "Fulfillment"-states, that are to be allowed for transfer. This includes "Paid" and "Partially paid".

General recommendations:

When integrating an accounting system, we recommend in general terms, that orders are transferred, when they are completed in the webshop, meaning that the order is paid and fulfilled.

In general what is needed vary a lot depending on how you use the integration and which systems are connected.

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