Missing SKU / product number

Why do I get a "missing SKU" error?

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Missing SKU on order lines / products

A very common error, that occurs when transferring orders from a webshop to an accounting system is missing product number(s) or SKU.

For an invoice to be created in the accounting system, most accounting system require, that a product number is supplied for each order line.

Therefore all products including variants must have a product number supplied in the webshop. If a product number is missing it will mean, that the invoice/order cannot be created in the accounting system.

Possible solutions:

  1. Add a product number to the product in the webshop and update the order. (Recommended solution).

  2. The IEX support can set up an extra functionality, that fills out the empty product number with a default fallback product number. (Requires mapping)

  3. WooCommerce: If you are using ID as a product number in WooCommerce, you can set the ID as the type to be used as product number.

  4. Exception in Dinero: The accounting system does not require products on the invoice. Here you can select not to create products and hereby product numbers are not required in the webshop. Turn off the functionality "Use products" in the Dinero-settings in IEX.

Missing SKU / product number on shipping, fee, and discount lines

Often errors in missing product numbers occur due to order lines for shipping, fees and discount, which mostly doesn't have a product number assigned from the webshop.

These lines can be attributed a product number through IEX.

To set up the integration to attribute these product numbers, you should first create the given products in your accounting system.

When this is done, go to: app.iex.dk -> Connectors -> [your accounting system] -> Settings -> Invoices to [your accounting system]

Here you will find the following fields, that are to be filled out to attribute product numbers to the orderlines:
Product number for shipping incl. VAT
Product number for shipping excl. VAT
Product number for payment fees
Product number for discounts

Free shipping:

If an order line for free shipping appear on the order, this line also requires a product number.

Note that free shipping is registered as shipping excl. VAT. If you only sell shipping incl. VAT, you can insert the product number for shipping incl. VAT in the field for shipping excl. VAT.

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