Guidelines for IEX support

Guidelines for the use of support

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We wish to offer a high level of qualified support, that meets the standard that is expected for our service.
To be able to deliver a satisfying support and comply with our response times, all customers are asked to adhere to the guidelines, that are described on this page.

We kindly ask, that all contact with the support is in writing. Telephone contact is reserved for acute matters and is billable.

If you've just started a trial period on your integration, we kindly ask you to go through the section How does the integration work? before you contact our support team.

Guidelines for support on mail and chat

If you have a support question we ask you to write an email to [email protected] or send us a message in the chat operator.

​Please send us a description of the question you have run into, and include examples of ordrer, products or other, that the question is related to.

Before you contact our support, we ask you to try to an answer in the support sections and tools, that IEX offers to help you troubleshoot.

Please look in the section Troubleshooting and Help articles or in the log that is found in your IEX dashboard. Often there will be a status, that describes why e.g. an order hasn't been transferred.

Response time: We strive to respond to all new inbound messages within 1-3 business days.

Guidelines for acute support

If possible always contact us in writing.

Contacting the support team must primarily be in writing on mail or chat. This is to enable IEX to give the most precise answers and document the process.

It is important to us, that you get a correct and understandable description of the cause of the error, which we can do best in writing. This way we can better help you to avoid the error in the future.

When contacting us for support on the phone on the line for acute support or other telephone lines, the support is billable and will be charged according to our applicable rates.

When you call, please refer to a ticket number or the email address, that you have contacted us from, if you've already contacted us.

Urgent matters:

We consider all reported support cases as important to resolve as soon as possible. Cases are prioritized in the order, they are received. We maintain an overview of, which cases has been reported and strive to answer all new tickets within 1-3 business days. Cases are not automatically prioritized, when including "Urgent" in the subject field.

2nd line support

Our 2nd line support have deeper insight into the machinery and handle all support questions that cannot be solved in 1st line.

These cases are more complex by nature and can involve development or bugfixing in the code. If your tickets is handed over to a 2nd line supporter, you must expect a longer response time. Of course we always strive to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

All communication to the 2nd line support is handled in writing.


Our support team answer all types of integration related questions for a wide palette of +45 systems, including webshops, accounting systems, POS, warehouse management systems, subscription systems, acquirers and file import from different formats.

IEX can only answer questions related and handle setups that are directly related to the integration.

As providers of an integration platform, we often get questions, that are specifically related to the different systems. We are happy to answer for all matters concerning the integration. For questions that are related to how you handle setups in the individual systems, we will refer to that you contact the system partner, the reseller of the system, your web developer or your accountant.

IEX only handles tasks that are directly related to the integration. This is primarily in the IEX platform, and occasionally we handle minor installations that are required to implement the integration in the system you use.

As a customer you have the responsibility to make sure, that your systems are ready to integrate.
You have the responsibilty to make sure, that your systems are set up and ready to be integrated. E.g. if your webshop lacks product numbers on products, which is often required to create a product and/or order in an accounting system, you have the responsibility to make sure, that product numbers are inserted on products to make the integration work. We will as much as possible try to inform about obvious error sources, if we spot them, but we cannot do a runthrough of your systems by default.

Example: If we are to set up an integration, that support B2B sales, we will setup the integration to prepare it for this. We cannot take responsibility for installing a B2B plugin in your webshop to handle VAT number or other functionalities. Also we cannot advise you on which plugin you should use, since we do not know about your setup and requirements. In these cases we refer to your system partner or web developer for further support.

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