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How does the integration work?
How are credit notes and refunds handled?
How are credit notes and refunds handled?

How are credit notes handled, and what are the different types of refunds, that are transferred?

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The integration allows you to have credit notes automatically be created in the accounting system, when you credit or refund an order in the webshop.

A credit note is created, which is linked to the invoice in the accounting system. The creation of the credit note thereby prerequisites a booked invoice in the accounting system. Exempt to this is a few accounting systems in which the invoice and credit note are not linked together.

The integration handles three types of credit notes:

  1. Credit an order or specific products on the order: Here one or multiple specific products are returned, for which a product number is specified. A credit note is created that is linked to the invoice. This is automatically handled, and only requires that the connection to transfer credit notes is active.

  2. Refunding an orderline that does not specifically correspond to a product number: Here an amount is refunded that is not directly linked to a specific product. To be able to create a credit note in the accounting system, a product number to handle refunds has to be specified in the settings for your accounting system module in IEX. This product number will be added to all refunds that are not linked to a product number.

  3. Removing a product on the order (specific systems): On specific webshop platforms (Shopify), the removal of a product on an order, results in the creation of a credit note, that is linked to the order. This means that the order itself is not updated and remains untouched, but that the change is handled through the credit note. This does not require extra setup, other than activating the connection to transfer credit notes. When using Shopify it is recommended, that the transfer of credit notes is activated, if you often make manual changes to the orders.

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