Mark invoice as paid

How can you mark an invoice as paid?

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With the integration from IEX you can mark your invoices as paid.

This means that a payment is registered, so the invoice gets marked as paid in the accounting system. This is handled through payment terms in the accounting system.

What the payment terms exactly do in the accounting system, depends entirely on which accounting system is used.

Default payment term

The integration allows you to set a default payment term, which is used by default on all invoices, that the integration creates in the accounting system.
Here you can select a payment term, which marks the invoice as paid, and creates a financial posting. This payment term could e.g. be "Paid in cash" or "Invoice is paid".

Payment setup

With the "Payment setup" tool, which is found in the settings for your accounting system module, you can define a specific payment term, that is to be used for specific payment methods that are received on webshop orders.

For example you can set, that a payment term "Paid in cash", is to be used if the payment method "VISA/Dankort" is received on the order. In contrast you can set that the term "Net 14 days" is to be used, if the payment method is invoice payment.

It entirely depends on the setup of your webshop and payment gateway, which data is received as payment method on the order. In some cases specific card types are received and in other cases only the gateway providers name is received.

Payment setup per payment method overrides the default payment term that is set on the integration. The integration will fall back on the standard payment term, if a payment method is received, for which no speciific payment setup is made.

Guides to using the tool "Payment setup" are found in All collections -> Setting up the integration

Use payment term from customer

For certain accounting system modules it is possible to choose, that the integration should use the predefined payment term on existing customers in the accounting system.

This choice overrides the standard payment term and possible payments setups, if the customer exists in the accounting system.

Payment term/account per acquirer

It is recommended, that a payment term and or account is created for each acquirer, that is used.

Hereby the payment method from the webshop can pointed towards the acquirer, that handles the payment with the tool "Payment setup".

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