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Rounding differences in totals: Enable rounding in Uniconta
Rounding differences in totals: Enable rounding in Uniconta

Add an order line to even out rounding differences

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As a security precaution the integration validates totals between the webshop order and the invoice in Uniconta to ensure, that the total amounts matches before booking the invoice.

If there is a difference in the amounts on the order and VAT totals, the integration will not book the invoice but instead create an invoice draft. In that case, the log will display the message "Totals not matching".

For small differences due to rounding methods, you can set up the integration to add an orderline, that adds the given amount in difference. This will make sure, that your bookkeeping matches the amounts, that are paid in the webshop.

To do this:

  • In Uniconta, create a product that is to be used for the order line. The product could be something like "diff". The product has to be created in a product group that is not taxable.

  • Go to -> Uniconta -> Settings -> Order settings -> Enable rounding

  • Fill out the line text (e.g. Difference due to rounding), insert the product number that was created, and set a rounding threshold. E.g. this could be 0.10 for a max tolerance of a .10 difference.
    (If the rounding threshold is surpassed, the invoice will be created as a draft, and you will get the message "Totals not matching".

  • Save the new settings.

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