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Setting up the integration
Open FTP folder for MyNets and prepare the setup
Open FTP folder for MyNets and prepare the setup

Prepare the setup of PayMatch for MyNets

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For IEX to handle the setup of PayMatch to MyNets, a folder to handle reports has to opened at Nets.

PayMatch collects your reports from MyNets by connecting to this file folder (SFTP). The Nets customer service handles the setup of the SFTP.

Note that there might be a processing time at Nets for the setup of the folder.

Order and setup of the SFTP folder

To start the process you should fill out a form at MyNets with your company information.

You should add this text in the comment field:
This is for an IEX PayMatch integration, so we would like a data export in XML-format.

When ready MyNets will supply your FTP information. You can also find these in your Nets Merchant Service.

When you order MyNets PayMatch at IEX, you will be asked to supply this information.

Preparations in your accounting system

MyNets PayMatch requires some preparations in your accounting system.

Which preparations are needed, depends on the accounting system, and which method for settlement, you wish to use.

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