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Paymatch for Dinero

Description of the Paymatch extension, in which payouts and fees are matched with the sales from a webshop or subscription system

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Paymatch is an extension to an integration between your webshop and accounting system.

The purpose of Paymatch is to match payouts from your acquirer with the related invoices for the sales from your webshop or subscription system.

A precondition for your payouts to be matched is, that the accounting system contains an booket invoice for the specific sale. Your integration between the webshop and accounting system must be fully set up and tested, and automatic booking of invoices must be activated.

How does Paymatch for Dinero work?

Your invoice is created and booked in Dinero. The invoice is registered as paid. When registering payment the balance account, which is dedicated to handle the balance for your acquirer.

When the payout report from your acquirer is imported into your accounting system, Paymatch will post the specified sales in the cashbook. The order number from the webshop or the transaction ID is used to match the payout to the related invoice.

A reference is set on the payout line which refers to the invoice that is related to the payout. Also the invoice is attach as appendix to the posting. (Screenshot below)

The specified payouts reconcile the payments on the balance account for your acquirer, so it is possible to track, which invoices you have received payment for.

Fees on the payout report are handled through an account, that is dedicated to handling fees.

The actual payout is posted in a collective line, which is prepared to be reconciled to the bank.

Preparations for the setup:

- Create a balance account for your acquirer, called "Balance [Acquirer]"
- Create an account for handling fees

How is the setup handled?

The setup is handled by the IEX team. The necessary access to your acquirer account will be requested for our team to be able to connect and setup the integration.

If your integration between the webshop and accounting system is not set up and fully functional, IEX will offer to handle the setup and test of this part of the integration.

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