Connect Hostedshop module

How to connect your Hostedshop module

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This guide is valid for all Hostedshop webshops: DanDomain Webshop, Smartweb, Wannafind, and ScanNet.

In this window you connect your Hostedshop webshop to IEX with an API key.

You can create this key in your Hostedshop administration panel. How to do this is described below.

Create new API key

Enable API access

First, make sure the API is enabled on your Hostedshop.

• Go to Settings -> API: SOAP

• Check API access and press Save.

Create API user (API key)

• Go to Settings -> Employees

• Select Create employee

Create Employee:

Here you need to create the API user himself as an employee. It does not matter what information you use, but we recommend the following for the sake of clarity.

• First name: IEX

• Last name: API

Email: fill in your integration number followed by [email protected] (ex .: [email protected]). The email address does not have to be for an existing email.

• Password: Use the same password as for the webshop, or write down the password you find. Note that you will not be able to see it again afterwards.

• Application access: Check the API

Press Save. Subsequently, you will be able to see a confirmation that the user has been created.

Insert the information in your IEX window and press Check.

The username is the email address you have created for the API user (ex .: [email protected]).

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