Connect your Magento 2 module

How to connect your Magento 2 module

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Connect your Magento 2 module

  • Insert your Shop URL (incl. https://)

  • Access token: This is the key that provides the necessary access to your Magento 2. Below is a description of how to generate an API key in Magento 2.

  • Open a new tab.

  • Go to Magento 2 / System / Extensions / Integrations

  • In this window choose Add New Integration

  • Giv the key a name. This can e.g. be “IEX API key”

  • Email, Callback URL and Identity link URL can be left blank.

  • Insert your password i bottom field Current User Identity Verification.

  • Under Ressource Access choose All

  • The list of permissions will be displayed. Click Allow to accept.

  • Click Save.

  • Tap the key name to view Tokens.

  • Copy the key named Access token

  • Go back to the IEX window and insert the Access token

  • Click Connect to connect with magento.

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