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How does the integration work?
When is the webshop order transferred?
When is the webshop order transferred?

Order states, jobs and webhooks

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When is an order transferred?

It is the order state that defines, when an order can be transferred.

You can select one or more order states, that are allowed to be transferred through the integration. When your order reaches that order stat, it will automatically be transferred to the accounting system.

In the following example, the order state "Completed" is allowed for transfer.

How often are orders transferred?

Depending on which webshop platform you are using, the order can be sent to IEX by two different methods: Jobs and webhooks

Jobs are scheduled runs, that run by a fixed scheduled. By default they will always be set up to transfer orders every 5th minute.
This means that when your orders reaches an allowed order state, it can take up to a maximum of 5 minutes before the order is fetched by IEX, and thereafter it can take up to a few minutes in processing, depending on the system in the other end.

Webhooks are a functionality in the webshop, that automatically sends orders when a change occurs (or a new order is created)

From there it can take up to a few minutes in processing, depending on the system in the other end.

How quickly the webhooks send the order is depending on the setup in your webshop.

Which data is received on the order?

All order data, including customer data, order lines, and shipping, fee, and discount lines are received in the order.

IEX receives all order, customer, and product fields, that are sent from the webshop. In most cases custom fields are supported, but there can be exceptions when using plugins. By default all standard fields are connected to the corresponding fields in the accounting system. For special requests, the integration can be customized with mappings. (Contact IEX)

πŸ’‘ Tips & tricks:

Customize transfer by state:

In specific accounting system modules, a customized invoice/order handling, can be set depending on the order state in the webshop.


If the order hasn't been transferred to the accounting system, it doesn't necessarily mean, that a transfer hasn't been activated. An error may have occured when trying to create the order in the accounting system. To troubleshoot a missing order, you can search for the order number in the log.

If the order has the state "Order state not allowed" in the log, it means that the order is on an order state, that hasn't been set to be transferred. If the order has an error-state, it means that a transfer has been tried, but an error occured, so the order couldn't be created in the accounting system. See the description in the log line for further troubleshooting.

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