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Connect your WooCommerce webshop
Connect your WooCommerce webshop

How to connect your WooCommerce module

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Connect WooCommerce module

In this window your WooCommerce shop is to be connected with an API key.

For this version it is not necessary to install the IEX plugin in WooCommerce.

Below is a description of how you create an API key in WooCommerce.

Create a new API key:

An API key in WooCommerce consists of a Consumer Key and a Consumer Secret.

• Open a new tab

• Go to WooCommerce / Settings / Advanced / REST API / Add key

• It actually doesn't mean anything, what the key is called, but to make it easy for yourself, include IEX in the title.

It is important to allow Read/Write permission to the key. Otherwise the IEX platform will not get the necessary access to install webhooks, which are used to detect changes, that are to be transferred.

• Finalize by pressing Generate API key

• You can now copy your Consumer key and Consumer secret and paste them into the corresponding fields in the IEX window.

• When inserting the URL in IEX, make sure to enter the full domain including all symbols, e.g.

If you are not sure, what your actual domain/URL is, go to your webshop and click once on the address line and copy. This will carry the entire URL.
(Remember to remove subpages e.g. /en/subcategory/

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