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Connect your PrestaShop module
Connect your PrestaShop module

How to connect your PrestaShop module

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Connect your PrestaShop module

Here, PrestaShop is connected with an API key.

  • Insert Shop URL (incl. Https: //)

  • Access token: This is the API key that provides the necessary access to your Prestashop.

Below is a description of how to generate an API key in PrestaShop.

Settings for API keys in PrestaShop can be found under Webservice

  • Open a new tab and log in to your PrestaShop

  • Go Configure / Advanced Parameters / Web Service

  • Under Configuration, Enable PrestaShop’s web service must be set to YES

  • Press Save to save

  • Press Add new webservice key

  • Next to Key press Generate

  • Give evt. the key a description, e.g. IEX API key

  • Status must be set to YES

  • Permissions: It is important that the API key has the necessary read / write permissions to be able to use IEX. Therefore, you must assign rights to all fields on View, Modify, Add and Fast view.

  • This can be easily done by clicking on the blue text above the column, automatically ticking all the way down.

  • Press Save.

You will now automatically be taken back to the Web Services window where the newly created key will appear.

  • Copy the key in the picture surrounded by a red square and paste it into the IEX as the Access token.

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