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Configure One Stop Shop VAT for Visma e-conomic
Configure One Stop Shop VAT for Visma e-conomic

How to activate One Stop Shop VAT in IEX

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What is OSS VAT?

July 1, 2021 the taxation rules for private sales in EU were changed, and a common limit was set to 10.000 euro to mark when the EU taxation rules apply. This means that companies must pay the valid VAT rates in the given EU member countries, if the total sales to other EU countries surpass 10.000 euros pr. year.

The integration can automatically handle your sales, so the VAT rate is set to the given rate in the country that the webshop order is sent to.

Get started with OSS

Before you get started, you must prepare your Visma e-conomic account for OSS.

A guide to this is found on this page: Opsætning af Moms One Stop Shop (Danish)
Contact Visma e-conomic if you have further questions for this step of the process.

When this is done, you can activate the functionality in IEX.

Go to: -> Visma e-conomic -> Settings -> Order settings -> Check the box “Enable VAT One Stop Shop”

Save your new settings.

Now there will automatically be calculated a VAT rate depending on the given country code on the webshop customer. This is only valid for B2C sales.

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