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Which IEX subscription should I choose?
Which IEX subscription should I choose?

How is IEX priced and which subscription step should I choose?

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Which subscription should I choose?

IEX is priced in subscription tiers. Each tier includes an order amount, that can be transferred each month. The count is reset in the beginning of the month.

The accessibility of features is defined by the subscription tier.

Prices and functionalities for the specific system combinations are found sales sites on

An in depth description of the IEX subscription structure is found on this page.

Custom subscription

If the order limits on the highest subscription tier isn't high enough, you can contact IEX to get a Custom subscription. For this we would like to know the order limit, you wish to set for the Custom subscription.

Pricing on extra modules

If you wish to add extra modules to your integration, you can find prices for the modules and for the setup on

Which subscription should I choose, if I have large periodic fluctuations in sales?

If you have large periodic fluctuations in your sales, there might be months where you don't get near the order limit, and other months in which the limit is heavily surpassed. We often see this in season based sales and with subscription services, in which subscriptions are renewed in specific periods.

For this we recommend, that you select a low or the lowest subscription tier (that include the necessary features for your integration), and that you buy extra orders for the months in which you surpass the limit. This is the often the cheapest solution for your business.

Extra orders

Extra orders is a separate order limit, that apply when surpassing the order limit. The extra order pool is not reset at the beginning of each month.

Extra orders are refilled through the IEX dashboard.

There is a volume discount on extra orders. The discount gets bigger when buying larger amounts of extra order, so with large periodic fluctuations, it is often advantageous to buy a larger pool for extra discount.

Prices on extra orders appear in the refill-functionality in IEX under the tab Subscription.

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