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With IEX you can transfer sales from Shopify POS to your accounting system.

It doesn't take more than a standard IEX integration for Shopify, since Shopify POS sales are handled as regular webshop orders from Shopify.

Additionally it takes a small extra setup, which is described below:

The sales from Shopify POS are transferred as individual invoices from your accounting system, in which order lines and the order total is included.

⚙️ Setup

Adding a customer to the POS sale: Since POS sales are typically created without an actual customer listed, it is necessary to setup a pseudo customer, which is added to the invoice on your accounting system. This is done by adding a name (e.g. POS sale) and an e-mail (e.g. [email protected]), which is added to the order.

To have this set up, you can write to the IEX support. Depending on your subscription tier, an additional costs can be applicable for this setup.

Note regarding daily turnover

It is not possible to transfer the daily turnover to the accounting system. This is due to the daily turnover total not being accessible as an individual field for the POS sales. The total would incorrectly include webshop sales.

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