Connect to Stripe

How to connect to Stripe

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The connection to Stripe is established through an API key.

This guide will show how to create the API key:

  • Log in to Stripe.

  • Select “Developers” in the upper right corner.

  • Select “API keys”

  • In the section “Restricted keys”, click “Create restricted key”

  • Select “Providing this key to another website” and click “Continue”

  • Name the key “IEX” and insert som URL. Aktivér “Customize permissions for this key. Klik “Continue”.


Select the following permissions depending on whether you use Stripe (Orders) or Stripe (Payouts) in IEX. If you use both select both sets of permissions.

For Stripe (Orders):

All Billing resources: Read

All Webhook resources: Write

For Stripe (Payouts):

All core resources: None

Payouts til: Read

All Webhook resources: Write

  • Click “Create key” and you will be direct back to the main view. Here you will find a key named “API key for IEX”: Copy this key.

  • Insert the key in IEX:

    Log in to -> Systems -> Stripe (Orders) or Stripe (Payouts) -> Connect

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